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On Hold

2009-01-27 03:12:30 by NiDeCo

I'll just leave this message here until people actually start reading this.
If you would actually come check out my page more often, then please leave a comment. If there are enough people to actually have making posts become useful, I will. Untill then... go and listen to my FRIGGIN' OLD songs and in some time I'll be getting back to m00sics and I think you'll agree with me those will be some awesome times.

Untill then, much love

New MAC! The CAC!

2007-12-23 20:48:17 by NiDeCo

Helly everyone! (as if ANYONE would read this)

This December has had another MAC, namely '8-bit Christmas'.
So I thought I'd try and make some 8-bit goodness for this [Christmas Audio Contest]

I didn't have a lot (almost any) time, so they're short.
But I think they're sweet ^^v
[December 1256] and [Lost in the Snow]

Happy listening and leave a comment!



2007-08-06 17:43:13 by NiDeCo

Well hello everyone!

This time I'm posting here to advertise newest song and submission to the Castle Crashers contest.
Everyone go check out MY SONG!!!

And leave a review ;) I like reviews!


About Me

2007-07-25 16:14:53 by NiDeCo

Just to put something up I'll tell a bit 'bout myself.

"I'm a Dutch guy making music."
... that's pretty much all you need to know :P

Oh and the songs I uploaded to newgrounds are pretty old...
I'm way better now... no really! .... YOU'VE GOTTA BELIEVE ME!!!

Just check for a new song I made, I for one think it's better ;)